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Don’t judge a Face-Book by its cover

Facebook started off as a social media platform but is now effectively one of the largest and most effective online advertising platforms available to date. 

It’s not simply building a social media presence anymore. The game isn’t who got the most likes or the most followers on their content. Facebook advertising is a complex, highly sophisticated marketing tool which any marketer worth their salt should know about. 

More than 2.79 billion people globally use facebook. That’s more than 35% of the world’s population right at your fingertips!

Facebook advertising and marketing
Grow your facebook ads with the best agency

Return on Investments that would put Zuckerberg to shame

With Key Metrics you know that you’ll get returns on your ads beyond what anyone in the market offers.

We’ve run thousands of campaigns, spanning to millions of dollars with an exclusive average 0f 12x ROI.

The experience we’ve gathered over the years gives us a data driven outlook on facebook advertising, rather it be leads, sales, clicks, followers or likes, our team is unbeatable in performance.

Our team of experts keeps a keen eye on your ads, measuring every metric to get you the results that knocks your competition out of the water.

Step up your social media game

Now that we’ve covered the ads part, is that really all you want to do? 

At Key metrics our strategy for facebook marketing isn’t just making a ton of really good ads. But also optimizing your facebook landing page to make sure that your customers come back every time.

Our 360 degrees approach for your social presence means your social presence grows organically and through marketing. Your audience is satisfied not being bombarded with ads and you’re getting sales well after your ad campaigns have ended. Why? Because that’s the Key Metrics way.

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Facebook is expanding. So should your business.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Visually inspire your audience with photo, video, carousel and collection ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Reach your audience on the largest global Social Media Platform.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Target the audience you want with effectively optimised LinkedIn ads.

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