How Automated Email Campaigns Help You Keep Customers

How automated email campaigns help you keep customers

With the rise of social media, one would think that the effectiveness of a good-old Email Marketing Campaign has gone down. Who wants to spend their weekends sifting through hundreds of emails they get throughout the week after all? Miraculously, a lot of people do!  Email Marketing still happens to be one of the most effective channels to market your product and services to customers. However, as is the case everything related to Digital Marketing, the nature, and the practices of Email Marketing are also evolving. 

While newsletters and one-off campaigns would still be a part of your brand’s marketing strategy, smarter brands have started catching up with the advancement of technology when it comes to Email Marketing. They have started setting up what the industry calls “automated email campaigns” that trigger themselves when the user performs a set action. As these automated emails are sent to the user the moment they perform a pre-decided action, they are clicked and read more, resulting in a larger spread of the brand’s message. Let’s take a closer look to find out what exactly are Automated Emails?

What are Automated Emails?

For years, emailing Newsletters and one-off campaign emails were the only prominent part of what constituted Email Marketing. The recent trend of automations across various industries has also reached Email Marketing where marketers can now set up an automatic email campaign for some decided set of actions that a user may make. The emails then are sent to the users as and when they hit a trigger that was set in the campaign earlier by the marketer.

In other words, if you work for an online magazine and want to send a “welcome” email to everyone that subscribes to your magazine, you will set up an email campaign that will trigger the moment the user subscribes. Doing it the traditional way would mean that you will have to manually locate the new subscribers and send them an email, a task that would only be possible once or twice a day. 

Email Automation not only takes that recurring responsibility off of you, it also eliminates the delay that may be caused by manually sending out emails to people everytime they sign up. Keep reading to find out a few you ways you can use Email Automation to keep and bring new customers to your brand:

1. Send A Welcome Email

According to research, more than 90% of the people that visit your website are not ready to buy anything from you. However, the fact that they have taken the effort to land on your website points to the fact that they can still be convinced to make a purchase. You can continue to converse with them by sending them a welcome email that can get them to your subscriber’s list. Provide them with a few exclusive perks so that they have an incentive to join the subscriber list. Once subscribed, you will get a chance to show them around all of your offerings that may convince them to make a purchase from your website.

If your brand is offering an app then you can also automate emails to everyone that signs up on it to show them around. You can frame an email that tells them about the next steps and quick tips so that they can utilise your app to its full extent, resulting in a better user experience.  

2. Keep Your Customers Informed

Several brands provide services whose subscriptions expire after a period of time. Take the earlier example of an online magazine for instance. With Email Automation, you can send out an email to all the people whose subscription of your magazine may be expiring in the next couple of weeks. Keeping them informed makes sure that you do not lose out to a customer that simply forgot renewing their subscription. 

You can also use Email Automation to send out the information about special sales or discounts you may be offering to your subscribers as mentioned earlier. Providing them with a few perks every now and then encourages them to continue being a subscriber leading to profits for your brand.

3. Collect Customer Feedback

A brand that listens to its customers is a brand that thrives in the world of eCommerce, and what better way is there to listen to them than asking them directly via an email? With email automation, you can set up a campaign that sends out an email the moment a product is delivered to your customers. That way they have the choice to provide you with the feedback that you can work on to make your brand’s performance better. You can either ask them to reply to your mail or can even link a survey form that they can fill that will help you improve your products and services in the future. 

4. Wish Your Customers A Happy Birthday

Birthday emails are one of the best advantages email automation has provided to marketers. You can now wish them a happy birthday with a special surprise for them through automated emails. If you are a restaurant or a clothing store, you can even provide them with a discount coupon that they can use during their birthday month. Not only does the coupon provide you with customer’s loyalty, it also makes sure that they make a purchase from you in that month. 

5. Promote Your Latest Offerings

You can also use automated emails to promote any newly launched thing that your brand may have. Going back to the example of the digital magazine from earlier, you can send out an email to your subscribers that tells them about the week’s best articles that should not be missed. 

You can also send out emails about an on-ground event that your publication may be organising with some of your subscriber’s favourite writers. Once a person has confirmed their presence at the event, you can put them in another automated email campaign that sends them regular reminders and details of the upcoming events.


With so much to offer with little effort, automated emails as a tool should be used by every marketer. As seen above, it not only helps you create long lasting relationships with your existing customers, but also adds new ones to your list. All you need is to take some ideas from above and try to replicate them for an email campaign that is sure to win you many new customers!

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