Instagram vs TikTok vs Pinterest – What’s the best one?

Instagram vs Pinterest vs TikTok

If the recent trends are anything to go by it is impossible to argue that social media is here to stay. With over half the world on the Internet, it is difficult, or even impractical for brands to not have a social media presence. While advertising through Facebook remains a different ball-game, it does not harm to look at some of the other platforms that come close to it. Keep reading as we look at Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest as advertising platforms and help you decide which one to use for your brand’s marketing campaign


With over a billion active users monthly, Instagram is hands down the most popular platform in the niche of photo and video sharing social media. The mobile friendly platform lets users create photo and video posts and stories of varying types, a feature that makes it one of the most versatile social media platforms as well. Your brand’s products and services decide the target group you might want to advertise them to. In that case, it becomes important for you to analyse the social media platform’s demographics and other features so as to create a robust marketing plan. 

Instagram Features and Demographics

Instagram’s major chunk of audience is aged between 25-34 year olds, so  if your product resonates with a TG that falls in that bracket then the platform would be a wise choice. 

Instagram, being a part of the Facebook Ecosystem also provides marketers with a set of analytics tools. This ensures that the advertising experience on Instagram is easy to maintain and monitor. 

Another important aspect of Instagram are the hashtags, that can be used in various ways to make your product visible to a greater, and yet relevant audience. This way you can grow your Instrgram rapidly

Instagram also is a great platform to tell your brand’s story and create a community that will prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

A downside that Instagram may have is that it does not allow users to post clickable links in the captions to their posts, unless you have paid for an Instagram Ad campaign. You can however work around that by posting these links through stories or even in your bio.


A platform renowned for its short-form video content, the popularity of TikTok has grown so rapidly in the past couple of years that it even forced Instagram to push out a similar feature in Reels

TikTok Features and Demographics

With over 800 million monthly active users, TikTok has come up as a big player in the social media market recently. However, for an app known mostly for its short-form content, TikTok holds up pretty well when it comes to advertising on its platform. The platform is now home to many world-famous social media influencers.  

As opposed to Instagram’s average age of millennials, TikTok’s user base mostly comprises Gen Z’ers that are mostly inclined towards content that is “viral”. TikTok also offers a variety of ad types and placements that help your brand grow through short-form video content. 

Much like Facebook, and by extension Instagram, TikTok also allows users to target their audience based on general demographics, interests and device types and some custom audiences. 

You can use TikTok to advertise through various means. You can choose your brand to be advertised on In-Feed Video, Brand Takeover, Hashtag Challenge, Branded AR Content and even Custom Influencer Packages. 


As a photo sharing website launched in the same year as Instagram, Pinterest has seen a little different trajectory to the Facebook owned platform. Pinterest, like Instagram is a highly visual platform with its own set of influencers. 

To be successful on this platform, your brand needs to be visually pleasing, high quality and relevant. Pinterest is mainly used by users for DIY project ideas and recipes. Therefore, you must analyse whether your product or service fits in this bracket before stepping into the platform.

Pinterest Features and Demographics

Upto 80% of the audience on Pinterest are women. The age group that Pinterest is popular among the most falls somewhere between 25-44. As mentioned before, it is essential to define your product’s relevance to the audience that the platform hosts. 

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows link sharing with your posts. You can even share multiple links if you want to promote different products or features from your website on Pinterest. The platform also allows a visual search feature that allows users to scan products to look for similar suggestions.

Pinterest’s alternative to Instagram’s hashtags is referred to as Pins. Pinterest shows these Pins on search that are appropriately labelled by the pages. A customer like Instagram’s hashtags, can stumble upon your page while exploring through these pins. 

What Platform Should I Use?

While Instagram’s sheer numbers outweigh both TikTok and Pinterest’s, there are a few things that the other two platforms do better. The three platforms may be essential to your brand only when your product is relevant to their audience base. If you can find the right balance between the target group and your brand, then the task of choosing the right platform becomes much easier. As these platforms grow in both numbers and features, there is a chance that they will provide you with more options to advertise and promote your product. So even if you think your brand might not suit one, it may come in handy to you in the future!

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