5 Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page You Should Know

5 tips to optimize your landing page

So you have finally done it! You have made a website for your brand that looks pretty cool and is spread across your social media. People are flocking to your website with your friends telling you what a great job you have done on your website. But even then, the people on your website are not converting into leads. You have tried to tinker with the copy and the design to no avail. 

If the above case relates well with you, then we are sure that your landing page is not properly optimized. 

What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is the process of removing or adding elements to your website’s landing page to increase conversions. The process involves testing that is aimed at getting you conversions that are organic and relevant to your brand. 

LPO, much like SEO aims at getting you quality leads. As a brand that is maintaining and spending time and money on getting leads through your website, you want your leads to be of a certain quality. A quality that not only engages with your content, but also one that spends money on your products and services. The quality of leads determines the success of your LPO process. 

Top Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page

While designing your website’s landing page it is advised to stick to some guidelines that ensure quality leads. Let’s take a look at some of the guidelines below.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to website design, simple always wins. Your aim, while designing your landing page and by extensions, your website should be to keep the layout simple with a copy that is easy to understand. You want your potential customers to have an easy experience and for that you must emphasize on a simple and single CTA. Speaking of CTA…

CTA, It’s Not Rocket Science 

Capturing leads is impossible to imagine without clear call-to-action buttons. Everything on your landing page should direct your potential customers to the CTA (Call-To-Action) Button. Fight the urge to be witty or cool and try to keep the copy of the CTA button as simple as possible. If your CTA is to register for an event, then make sure the button mentions “Register Here”. Make your CTA the highlight of the page, it should be prominent and visible to the customer at first glance.

A Word of Caution: Do not look to trick the customers into clicking the CTA button. Not only is it annoying, but it also makes you look like a brand that is not trustworthy. 

Create a Form That You Would Want to Fill

We have all seen the forms that are so long that we abandon filling them in the middle. After spending so much time and effort on your landing page, you would not want your potential leads to stop filling the form in the middle. You don’t want to bore your potential customer to death, after all. 

Did you know that research claims that keeping the number of questions in your form limited to 4 increases the chances of conversions (as compared to the standard 11) by 120%. Now that figure may vary from case to case, there still are a few things you can keep in mind while designing a form:

  • How your form looks on different devices: You need your form to be readable on different devices, be it a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop.  
  • Only Ask for the Must Have Information: To keep the question count low on your form, you need to weed out the questions that are irrelevant to you. Taking the event’s example from above, you can keep the Address question out if you are not going to send them anything physically. 

Reduce Your Page’s Loading Time

One of the worst things to happen to a landing page is to be abandoned because it took too long to load. In a world where short-form content is more popular than ever, attention spans and patience is not at an all time high. In this case, you may want to do all you can to reduce your page’s loading time. There is a lot you can do from your own end from using lighter pictures and lesser elements. But the person that can make the most difference to your page’s loading time is your developer. Talk to them today to ensure a smooth user experience.

Pay Attention to Your SEO Strategy

We have mentioned earlier how important it is for every brand to have an SEO strategy for their website. This also stays relevant when it comes to landing pages. It’s true that SEO may not be of much use for landing pages that are made for short-term campaigns. For landing pages that are supposed to be live for a while however, an SEO strategy is essential to ensure quality leads. A good SEO strategy for your long term campaign will make sure that your landing page ranks high on google searches and will ensure users that will convert to quality leads.


A well-optimized landing page is essential for every brand looking to capture leads through their website. While the above practices contribute directly to the quantity and quality of the leads you procure, you would also need to watch out for a few things to make sure that your brand does not fail on the internet. For now, you can follow the rules mentioned above in the article to make sure your lead conversion rates increase in no time!

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