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Lead generation is perhaps one of the most important aspects to building long term customer relationships, brand loyalty and competitive edge. 

Unlike direct sales, lead generation involves gauging potential customers and selling to them overtime, the process may seem longer but is definitely worth every second spent. 

In fact one of the major problems that most companies face is generating enough leads, that’s quite often why most companies face “dry spells” or even business failure.

Lead Generation marketing
Lead Generation Leader

Why you need a Lead-er

But did you know? 74% of marketers spend more than $50 on each lead generated! Out of which 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget just to generate leads!

That’s an unbelievably high number but it’s justified, with so many novice marketers out there, trying the most common of ways, the numbers are bound to be high.

Here at KeyMetrics, we’ve literally broken down the lead generation process to dust. Through our extensive research, diverse approaches and ability to think out of the box, we can proudly admit: We lead when it comes to leads.

Emails to Checkout: Conversion Rate Optimization

Let’s say you get a ton of leads, but how effective are they? You get an agency to make you a 1000 leads, but out of which you get 0 conversions. Now, that’s just sad. 

At Keymetrics we custom design each and every campaign for the following reasons-

• Ensuring your business needs are met
• Optimize your budget
• Market defying conversion rates

All our campaigns are backed by actual insights and data driven intelligence, we apply machine learning, proven marketing practices and our years of experience to guarantee the best.

conversion rate optimization
lead generation that takes the lead

Leads that take the Lead

Our end result is to make you, the client, happy. And your end goal is to make sure your customer is happy. There’s no point in using aggressive marketing strategies that get you a momentary sale, or worse off, returns. 

Key Metrics genuinely believes in creating a holistic experience for both you and your customer, in fact so much so that your customer becomes your biggest advocate. 

Our attention to improving user experience on your business portal, engaging with them using personalised creatives and ensuring that your business remains at the top of their purchase decision is what makes Key Metrics the key to your business’s success.

What We Do

Maximise where you get your leads and derive long-term success for your organisation.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Connect with customers through explosive visibility at the top of their search results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Coversion Rate Optimization

Visually reach your audience through targeted display ads.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Promote your Online Store at the top of search results. Drive sales like never before.

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