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Get high exposure at low costs through data-driven consumer oriented Google Ads.

What’s the SEO hype about?

More than 68% of users click on the first 5 links that appear on google! It’s quite obvious why ranking at the top makes so much sense. More clicks equals more leads, which leads to more revenue. 

The entire reasoning for Search Engine optimization is so simple yet the process ever so complex. 

“Google’s special search algorithm is updated 800+ times a year. This algorithm encompasses 250+ simultaneous factors, and over 10,000 variants & sub-signals when ordering search results.“

Search Engine Optimisation Guaranteed performance

Not just another promise

As expert digital marketers, perhaps the most disappointing fact we encounter is how agencies outsource your business to third world countries. 

Most of the “experts” that they employ barely know your business but what’s worse is, they use the same redundant practices they’ve used for everyone else. Then again, they do handle 500 other clients so it doesn’t really make a difference for them. 

We at key metrics believe in genuine transparency, feel free to contact us anytime. How can we make that promise? It’s simple really, cuz we do the work ourselves. 

We know the market, the demographics, the trends, the holidays and the lockdowns. We can deliver results that matter. Why? Because we treat your business as our own.

It’s a not a numbers game

Most companies promise that they’ll get you the number one rank on google. 

As soon as someone offers you that, pack your bags and run away as fast as possible. 

Ranking on Google is not something that can be achieved in a month. As with almost everything, it takes time to cultivate a brand and improve your visibility on search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (What is ranking on google)
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Your objectives are key

Your business deserves to be seen. That’s why we make sure that we don’t work with anyone else in the same industry. 

Unlike every other agency out there, we take the time out to learn about your brand, what drives the product and hence get the traffic you want.


We’ve seen people try and play around with SEO, they spend months and often years to try and outrank their competitors but to no avail. 

Key Metrics values your trust and takes every step necessary to ensure the best of the best performance for your business. 

Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process. It requires attention and constant tweaking to keep up to date with the trends and more importantly google’s algorithm. Our job is not to give you a quick one shot visibility boost. We aim to ensure your brand remains on top regardless of the times through continuous effort and genuine investment from our team.

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What We Do

It’s not only keywords. The world of SEO is constantly evolving and so should you.

Load Speed Optimisation

Load Speed Optimisation

Go into hyperdrive with unbelievably fast page loading speed.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO

Start by fixing On-Page SEO to triple your website traffic.

Local and International SEO

Local & International SEO

Be it in-house or across borders, spread the word with Key Metrics.

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